Allied Hearing is a great place, and they are a great help. They have improved my hearing tremendously, and that has significantly improved my quality of life.


While attending my son’s wedding, I could actually hear them exchange their vows. I no longer live in a silent world where I can hear my grandchildren again, my birds, people walking by, and traffic. I love my hearing aids.


After 20 years of hearing aids that I didn’t wear because I still couldn’t hear, I now have hearing aids that I put in when I get up and remove at bedtime. I can hear. Thank you, Dr. Smith.


After getting my new hearing aids, I can finally hear! The staff at Allied Hearing is awesome!


You make it possible for those of us who cannot hear to be able to hear.


It’s been wonderful! Hearing is truly a gift.


We like the friendly staff, the commitment to quality hearing and the exceptional service. They get it right the first time.


I like coming here. They do an exceptionally good job looking after both me and my hearing aids. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you!


Professional exam. Thorough. Concern for each patient. They desire to satisfy their patients and offer continuing service with great generosity and kindness.


I liked the thoroughness and the friendliness of the whole staff. They are committed to your total satisfaction. The audiologist explains and demonstrates your hearing loss and what they will do to enhance your hearing for maximum enjoyment.


The service has been a highlight! Instead of talking me into a new pair of hearing aids, they have taken care of my old ones. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for taking the time to help me and make sure I receive the very best care every time I visit.


I have had two sets of hearing aids before and they turned out not very good. So I tried again. Shannon Smith AuD of Alma found the ones I needed and as of now I can hear. It is wonderful to hear again.


I knew when I walked in the door that I was in the right place. Friendly customer service and easy to get an appointment when I need one. I thoroughly enjoy my new hearing aids and I tell my audiologist that she saved my marriage. Just think, we have this kind of service available here in mid-Michigan.


I liked the service after the fact is great! The aids are very helpful and I would recommend Allied Hearing to anyone! Why go anywhere else? Thanks guys!


I work with the public and am so grateful to be able to hear them again. Before I got my hearing aids I was constantly asking people to repeat themselves and that was so embarrassing.


I enjoy my hearing aids. I don’t have my TV up, I was always worried it was too loud. I didn’t want to disturb the rest of the family. Thank you.


I can hear people the first time they speak. No more saying “huh,” I put this off too long.


Now I can hear my grandson and all his ideas for fun things to do!


Walking out of Allied Hearing was like walking into a new world.


Before I got my hearing aids I struggled in meetings hearing things and had to have a staff member with me to convey the things I could not hear. Now I hear just great.


Please believe me, these hearing aids are so comfortable that I almost got into the shower without taking them out. There so easy to forget you have them in.


I’ve grown to depend on them greatly, and enjoy the freedom they actually provide for me. I’ve actually gone through a make over since having them and have developed a lot more confidence in myself.


Now I can hear all the things on my honey do list, is that good or bad. Hearing all the new sounds that I missed for years is amazing. The staff is great.


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